Growing up Farm Girl

PanI LOVE living on the farm. When we were growing up here, we had all sorts of animals. Of course, everything gets older and two of us girls moved away, leaving the farm and all its work to one sister and our parents. Mom had an accident and is in a wheelchair, which makes for a whole bunch of new challenges. Dad and Dee just couldn’t handle everything, so they got rid of the animals and concentrated on just gardening.

Now that we are all back home, with my youngest sister bringing home her little one and me dragging home my hubby, it’s a little more help. Plus, with all of us here, it makes more sense to grow our own meat again as well as veggies. In fact last year we raised and butchered two pigs.

I remember growing up, we did all the butchering ourselves. Now, I am more than willing to let it be handled by someone else. It’s a lot of work, and while I don’t shirk away from it, I would prefer to spend that time doing something else.

This year, I decided to start small with acquiring new animals. DH and I bought rabbits and chicks to start Spring off. We started with 6 chicks and lost 2, so we have 4 almost full grown chickens now. We are also up to 6 rabbits, 3 Flemish giants and 3 lops.

We are working on getting a few cows, mostly to have a family milk cow. In my opinion, fresh milk is the best milk! I hope to have a cross between dairy and meat cows, so I have the best of both worlds. However, it’s proving to be a little difficult to find a dairy calf without paying more than our budget!

So, this is the (re?)beginning of our farm. We will see where it takes us!


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