Dead in the water

My garden is a dud this year. We did all the right things, rotated where we put the crops, tilled the ground and added fertilizer straight to the rows. I picked weeds until the ground was bare (it helped that I quit smoking so it gave me something to keep my hands busy). Then it rained. And rained. We started spring in a drought. I was watering the garden every night. Now we are above the deficit and the garden got way too much water.

My green pepper plants are doing well, and I have tomatoes on my plants, but none of them are red yet. We got a later start this year because winter just didn’t want to let go, but I’m not so sure that’s the only reason my tomatoes are behind. ¬†Normally this time of year, I am drowning in vegetables.

My potatoes got a darn potato bug, and were destroyed, the green beans never even grew, and the onions are smaller than the greens would make you think they were.

So, I will take what I can get out of the remaining veggies, and start planning for next year. My containers are doing well, which gives me hope that when I plant my fall garden it will last much longer than the spring one!

How is your garden doing?



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