Rabbit ears

Dad asked me yesterday when I was going to put my does in with the bucks so we had babies. I told him I would like to wait a little bit longer.

A rabbit takes just about 32 days for gestation. And right now, it’s hot. Really hot outside. And summer just started here in Kansas. Heat stress isn’t good for the bunnies.

Since a rabbit regulates their body temperature through their ears, that makes it harder for them to stay cool.

So, how do we cool them down? Well, rabbits don’t like baths. They are normally a very clean animal, so dunking them in water is a no no. However, we do wipe their ears down with cool wet cloths. In Pan’s (one of my buck Lops) case, I put a bowl of water in his cage. He seems to not be able to tolerate the heat as well as the rest. Besides, he loves to put his ears in the water and then shake his head to spray me.

Another thing we do for all the rabbits, frozen water bottles. When we empty a plastic bottle, we clean it out, fill it half way with water and freeze it. This way when it’s hot, we can just throw them in the cages and the rabbits can cuddle with them (also, we fill them with water and use them to drink out of while working).

So, when it starts cooling down a bit, I will breed the does. Until then, I have time to make nesting boxes!


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