It’s all fun and games….

You know the rest: Until someone gets hurt.
Farming is fantastic, and it’s fun, but it can be scary, too. If you’re not paying attention, what’s a normal part of your routine can be the most dangerous. Heck, even if you are paying attention, stuff happens in the blink.of an eye.

We had horses, big ones. I say had because not to long after we moved home, the little was out with dad and Dee to move them to a different pasture. As they were running through, one of the biggest ones (percheron) kicked out at the munchkin and got him in the ribs. Luckily, nothing was broken, he was a little bruised but the Dr said he was fine. We sold that horse and the pony (the guy was really interested in the pony) the next day.

This horse was a rescue horse. We had never rode her because the one and only time anyone could catch her was to load her up and bring her home. She had never hurt anyone before. However she went to a home that will work with her and give her a job, so really she is better off.

The other day, we had loaded a tractor on one of the trailers to take to a different property so we could get a truck. As my dad was driving the truck and trailer over (Dan and I were following), the tire came off the trailer and rolled right alongside Dad. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen while driving. Thankfully, dad was okay and the trailer didn’t flip or damage too much property (at least then. When we pulled it off the road is a different story).

My point is this: there are going to be injuries, some can even be severe (when I was growing up dad cut his knee open with a chainsaw), equipment can malfunction or break, it happens. Farming can be dangerous work, but when you see that new born baby animal, or eat something that you have grown, it’s so worth it. Take the precautions, go slow and steady and keep a clear head, and farming will be safe and fun.


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