I’ve been going through the recipes that Danny and I ate when we lived in town. We are not picky eaters, which I am thankful for. We moved to the farm and everyone likes something different, or won’t eat something else.  Oy, what a pain. So today, I worked on a list of everyone’s favorite dinners. It’s a long list.

I’m putting this in my “house management” binder.  Apparently, these got pretty big a couple years ago (I honestly have no clue when) and I can see why. For someone who isn’t organized to begin with, then throwing in 6 other people who are also unorganized, this thing is a miracle!

I have spots for recipes, for dinner menus, for doctor phone numbers, for well, almost everything that our family needs to kind of remember things. It’s still a work in progress, but I now have 3 of these binders. One for the family, one for the farm and one for my soaps and stuff.

I went searching online for the sheets that had the info on them, but I am working on making our own. There’s just not a whole lot out there for a large family like ours. Not to mention nothing for a farm/homestead.

I’m planning on adding a spot in all three binders for receipts and coupons, for weekly ads and such. When, if, it’s ever finished, I will write a post on that as well.

It’s not fancy, but we are slowly getting organized, at least a little. Now if I could just keep the cabinets that way!


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