Spider bites make for a long week.

I got a little off track this last week. I do have a good excuse though! I got bit by a brown recluse spider. Those little buggers are nasty. If you aren’t familiar with them, here’s a little information. They have small fiddle shapes on their back (although, I don’t ever want to get close enough to see that). They are small and light to dark brown. They like dark places, such as boxes, inside shoes and closets. They are just plain creepy. When they bite, they inject a venom that travels fast through the blood.

I am guessing it happened while I was sleeping, I woke up with what looked like a bruise, so I had one of my sisters look at it. The next day it was red and swollen and my leg had a fever. The spot where I was bruised turned an ugly deep red color and sunk in.

It has managed to start healing. I had what looked like a large blister forming near a black spot on my leg. It looks like the blister has popped. I still have a large bump where the tissue is growing back and it itches like crazy! But, the red nasty infection is gone and I am almost done with the antibiotics (total of 13 days on them!).


I was lucky (the Dr said) that we caught it as early as we did. It could have been much worse. As it was, they put me on some really strong antibiotics and told me to stay off of it. Well, with a farm, that’s really not possible to totally sit out.

I did get some other things done. Well, kind of. I think I talked Dad into getting me a goat for my soap (well, that was the excuse anyway). I know there are other ways to go about that, but really, have you seen a goat? Other than the rabbits, they have to be one of the cutest farm animals, ever. And I raised them before. We used to have a really nice herd, but we just couldn’t keep them in. Our fences are better now (the ones around the barn) and the garden will be out of their reach next year hopefully.

I downloaded a couple of apps for the family to use. Danny and I used to use Cozi to keep track of our appointments and such, so we had everyone get the app. With the little starting preschool and mom having so many doctor appointments, I figured it would be easier for everyone to keep track of who needs to be where. It seems to be working so far.

We also got out of milk. It’s a grocery app. It allows you to scan the barcode of an item and add it to your grocery list. It also has a pantry list, that makes it easier to remember what you already have on hand. We are still checking this one out and learning how to use it, but it seems to be a pretty good idea.

Both apps are free (although, I believe both have paid upgrades available) and available on both Itunes and the Play store.

I’m still looking for more things to help organize the family. It’s not easy to keep 7 people organized!  If you have any ideas, let me know!




I am not affiliated or compensated for any products that I mention. They just happen to be what I have used or tried. 


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