Water everywhere!

We used to have well water, but we switched to city water a few years ago, when they finally got a line put in out here. It’s simpler since we no longer have to haul water during the dry summers. Plus, if the line breaks, on the city side, we don’t have to fix it. However, ours just happened to break on our side. Of course we couldn’t be that lucky. 😉

It started with a small pool of water trickling down the hill. This was the kind you could miss if you weren’t looking for it, which we weren’t, because there was no reason too. Finally, when we did notice it, it was two months of high water bills later and a large pool of water. Apparently, being buried 3 feet down in clay is a bad thing for water lines. Who knew? That means it takes a while (like 2 months) for the leak to show up above ground. It also means it’s hell on a person’s back for digging that shit up! IMAG1444 IMAG1445 IMAG1451 IMAG1478 IMAG1483  IMAG1443

We were going to rent a bobcat, but a friend said he had a couple of kids to help out. We (as in all of us girls, Dan and Dad) started early so that there would be less to do by the time our friend got off work and made it out. It took forever. About 5 hours of digging. Our friend came out (remember the kids? They had something better to do, I guess. I mean, who wants to dig a 3 foot hole?) and dug for 10 minutes before they found the leak. It was a tiny crack, pin hole size, in the connector from the city hose to ours.

They ran to town for a replacement part and slapped that baby on there ( unscrewed the old one and screwed the new one on). It took them longer to get to town than it did to fix the leak. Seriously, 5 hours of digging.

It wasn’t all work, though. The girls and I had an excuse to get dirty and throw mud at each other. Then, of course, you need a water fight while trying to get clean in the faucet outside. I swear we are grown women!

Lesson learned….next time, we rent a bobcat. 🙂


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