Meatball Subs

We love stuff we can fix while there is no one home. Food that comes out of the crock pot is definitely a go to thing around here. This recipe is easy, fairly cheap, especially if you fix the meatballs yourself (sometimes we like the convenience of them being made already) and yummy.

You can add anything to these sandwiches you want, I add Miracle Whip and lettuce to mine. You can use whatever type of bread you want, any type of spaghetti sauce. The best thing about it is customizing these sandwiches.


Meatball Sub


2 bags of already cooked meatballs

2-3 packages of hot dog buns

1 can spaghetti sauce (Or an additional one, depending on your taste)

1 cup mozzarella cheese


Heat meatballs in spaghetti sauce until hot. Place a few meatballs on hot dog bun with sauce to taste. Add mozz cheese. Can add other condiments as you like.


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