Summer is ending

I have been so busy! With summer winding down, and the days getting slightly cooler, it’s been crazy around here. We’ve been in the hay field, in the pasture, in the yard, and working off the farm.

I got a job at the school close by, mostly to support my rabbit habit (ha! that rhymes.) and have been trying to stay part time, but that’s quickly going to shit. I take time off to take mom to the Dr and that’s about it. Looks good on the paycheck (even if it’s only to keep me from being bored) but really sucks for the whole time to get stuff done on the farm life.

However, we did manage to get some cows….kind of. My dad and a friend have some kind of partnership going on where we provide the land and they go in together on the cows. I think that’s how that’s working. All I know is that we have fixed fence an awful lot lately. And trying to keep our bull away from next door is harder than I thought.

But, they are so pretty and they just kind of follow you around! 🙂 I love cows, even if I have to fix fence all the time.

10592813_10205074244755010_7799239520931115627_n 10612853_10205074254755260_4734728581699064011_n


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