How do you catch chickens?

With a lot of patience!

We got the chickens moved from the chicken tractor to their coop. We’ve had the building (and it was even used for chickens), but it needed cleaned. So Danny and I cleaned it, laid some hay down for litter, and reattached the nesting boxes to the wall. You should have seen us trying to catch those damn chickens. though. Red got out through the outside run fence (so that is out until we get it fixed) and the other 3 girls ran like crazy around in circles. One of us would guard the door while the other tried to catch them. We finally got them rounded up inside though. They were getting too big for the tractor, and are very much enjoying the space the new coop gives them.

We also bred rabbits tonight. Athena had the pleasure of Pans company while Chaos tried her best to out run Thumper. Hopefully in 31 days or so, we will have a bunch of little babies! In the next couple of weeks, we have 2 more girls to breed (Echo and Memory). I am not sure if I want them bred to different bucks or the same. Ahhh well, I have a little time.

I dug out one breeder box, but have to put another one together. I’m excited! I wait until it’s a little cooler to breed so the rabbits aren’t overheated or stressed. Plus, it’s a little quieter on the farm, so there is more time for personal attention to the girls.

Sooooo, why did the chicken cross the road?



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