New members of the farm

We have a couple of new additions to the animal population on the farm! I’m so excited to introduce them to you!

This is Ava…the one on the left. 😉 She is my new baby, only 13 weeks old and the most beautiful blue eyes ever seen on a Nigerian DCharlottewarf (yep Fathead is almost as big as the goat, or she’s almost as small as the cat). The pretty girl on the right is Charlotte. She’s a pygmy. Aren’t they ADORABLE?!Ava

I chose small goats because we don’t have a lot of land, we have a couple of munchkins running around the farm and they are just so cute. One more reason though, is because they are just the right size for our family. We have a couple of people here that won’t eat what we raise as pets, but the rest of us have no problems. That being said, the meat from either of these breeds would be just enough for us if we butchered a couple a year and rotated with the chickens and pig, not to mention the cow. And you can milk them! The smaller breeds obviously give smaller amounts of milk, a couple of quarts a day, but they can also be bred year round, not just in certain cycles, so you can stagger the breeding of your herd and have milk all year round.

I am still looking for more goats as I would like to increase the herd, and since these are just for farm milk, I don’t need registered animals just yet.

We’ve been exploring how we would like to make income on the farm, and haven’t really settled on anything just yet. With so many people and ideas in one place, the research that we have to put in on each different idea is crazy. Add that to working full time outside the farm right now for all of us, it’s just a lot of things to do. Besides, this is something we will be doing the rest of our lives, and that’s a long time, so we should pick something we like!




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