Animals and rug rats

I just got home from work, and for the first time in a long time sat down at the laptop before I did anything else. I’m supposed to be making a spreadsheet or some kind of program to track all the animals. I know I am good enough in Word or Works or Excel or whatever, to do it but….It’s so hard trying to figure out what all I need it to do (can you hear me whining?). And I’m tired, and it’s rainy and, and….so many excuses to not do something that would probably only take me about an hour to pound out a basic program.

If I did that with my animals, they would all starve. It’s a good thing I know my responsibilities to my babies! I saw a meme (if you don’t know what that is, ask a teenager. On second thought, don’t do that…go here instead.) on Facebook that said something about teaching your kids to be nice to animals leads them to be nice to people. I think being nice to animals is much more important than being nice to people, but that’s just me.

Teaching kids to be nice to animals is harder than I thought. There’s scratching and pulling and yanking and biting. And that’s just the animal. Sometimes, I don’t know which is the kid and which is the dog! It takes patience to tell the kids over and over to leave the animals alone when they’ve been pulling on their tails and ears. Most of the time in our house, it’s the animal that gets sent to their room, just to get them out of harms way.

We got the munchkin a rabbit (the start of our rabbit collection) to try and teach him about being nice (this is after the dog we got him became mine from lack of interest) and the poor rabbit (Chaos) has also transferred ownership to me. How young is too young to have an animal? I have no idea, since each year it seems we try again.

I guess that I’m worried that he won’t be an animal person. I know a lot of people aren’t. They are a lot of responsibility and work. I also know he is young and has plenty of time to figure it out. Can you be a farmer without liking animals? I don’t think so. But we want to instill in him a love of the land and the animals, he’s going to be getting the farm eventually. I would rather not see it go to some asshole that will turn it into a parking lot. I’m thinking of the future and I should be worried about the now. Like the spreadsheet that I should be doing, or that the dog is pulling the kids tail.


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