I know I am really bad at this blogging thing. It’s hard to keep a schedule to write when I have what feels like a million other things going on.

Ava (my little Nigerian) died. The vet said that she was anorexic and when I brought her home, she had parasites and there was nothing we could do. I learned my lesson there. That was one of the worst days ever.

So, we burned the area around where her pen was, and wormed Charlotte (nickname of Charlie). Then I went and bought another goat. She is now settled in the “quarantine pen” which is really just an old dog kennel made of chain link fence. Her name is Zoe and she is an Alpine. Beautiful goat too!! She is about the same age as Charlie, so here’s to hoping they get along.

I have baby bunnies in the barn too! Athena had 12 babies! Only 3 made it and really it’s no wonder when she had 12. That’s a whole lotta babies in a small space. Still ind of waiting on Chaos. She was bred the same day, but I’m not sure she took. I’m giving her until next week, but it doesn’t seem like we will have babies from her. Then comes the hard decisions. She is less than a year old, but if her first breeding didn’t work, was it her or Thumper? I could try again, but I don’t want to re-breed in the winter. It’s bad enough I waited this long to begin with. That means feeding two rabbits that I’m not sure are producers. Stupid decisions and soft hearts. 😉

I am trying to narrow down what I want to concentrate on for the coming year. I was doing meat rabbit/mixed breeds. Now, though, I want to look at something else. I am researching the American breed of rabbits, and possibly the Mini lop (since I already have 2). I am definatley going with the Alpine breed of goats, though. I had a few before and fell in love with their, well everything. They are highly intelligent, witty and very friendly. The milk rate on an Alpine is excellent. Zoe comes from a line where her grandma was a champion milker.

What I am hoping to do is still in the works, a ton of research ahead of me. But, I think it will be worth it in the end. I sure hope Danny agrees….;)



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