Catching up

Whew, now that one holiday is over, I can maybe get caught up. Ha!

I managed to get a file for the goats set up, with spots for all the stuff I could think of that it might possibly need. Simple, but hopefully effective.  I’m debating if I want to use the same set up for the rabbits or not.

None of Athena’s babies lived. They all died within a week of birth and I never got any out of Chaos. So, Athena is now settled in my brothers house where she can be a pet, and Chaos is going to get one last breeding chance and if she doesn’t take, she will also be the munchkins pet (which is what she was purchased for to begin with).

I have decided to go with the American breed of rabbits. They are the 3rd rarest rabbit breed in America. I already have a breeder and she’s holding a doe for me. I am so excited!

We have put Zoe in with Charlie and fenced out a portion of land with an electric fence. They are adorable when they are playing. Zoe found out all about the electricity, however, it doesn’t seem to bother her to go under the wire. So, I add another wire or two, but that’s a project for this weekend.

I haven’t been doing soap lately, either. I’ve been so tired when I get home from work, I usually just do the chores, make dinner and then go to bed. Thankfully, that should change later this month, when I finally get some more help at work. 🙂 I do have some new things to try and I have to replenish the salve and lotions for this winter.

I introduced Danny to the fine art of cleaning out coops and pens this week. It sure makes it easier when there are 2 of you. The chickens also started laying! I’m getting eggs everyday now! If I could get everyone to eat them, it wouldn’t be enough, but for now, the 2-4 I get a day is doable.

I am a social person and have been thinking about starting a farm facebook, since I am on there EVERY DAY. I am always posting farm things to my personal account and sometimes, I feel sorry for my friends, as they probably don’t care that much!



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