It’s cold outside!

When you have so many people in one spot, it’s easy to get irritated. When you have bi-polar people together, it seems to be even easier. :/

Add to that, a couple of goats who won’t stay in the pen, rabbits that are constantly knocking their water bottles off the cages and a wether that is trying to take over the world….and well, that could be the recipe for disaster.

Then, there is the weather. It is soooo cold. The wind chill is -20. As of last week, we only had 9 days of December where we saw the sun! I had 2 weeks off work to celebrate the holidays, and still managed to get nothing done. Although, I managed to fall up the steps and mess up my wrist.

Damn, I love this life. Really, when you think about it, all those things are bad, but when you finally see that sunset after a week with no sun, or get to drink your morning coffee while watching it come up, I feel that you appreciate it just a little bit more.

Or when you finally get the goat to stay in one pen for more than a day, it feels so weird to have that extra time (you know, that you aren’t trying to get her in, or fix the fence) to spend on something else.

I think the aggravation is totally worth the payoff. I love waking up in the morning and watching the sun come up, listening to the chickens cluck and the goats talk without the sound of traffic or sirens. I love making things with my own hands, and feeling tired after a hard day of work, knowing that it’s the best kind of tired.

Although, really, I am not looking forward to going out and doing the first of 3 water runs. 🙂


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