American Rabbits

I like snow, sometimes. What I don’t like is cold weather. This week the weather is going to be crazy, It snowed on Saturday and again yesterday, for a total of 3-5″ of the white stuff stuck to everything. Tomorrow is going to be in the 50’s and Saturday is supposed to be 70.

What the hell, Kansas. Get your shit together.

When the cold weather hits, we have to make extra sure that the animals are nice and snug. The rabbits get watered in crocks, since the water bottles like to freeze. That way I can just tap them on the side of the cage and the ice slides out. The bonus to that is, even with the water froze, they still have a way to get moisture if they need it. They also get extra hay in their cages, so they can burrow in.

The goats have a pan of water that gets emptied just as much as the rabbit’s (2-3 times a day). You’d think I would get a heater for them, but I haven’t yet. When I think about it, it’s 60 degrees out. They also get extra bedding in their barn.

Danny and I traveled about 2 hours this fall to pick up a pair of American Rabbits. They are still a little young for breeding yet, but they sure are gorgeous. I’d still like to get another doe. As for the rest of our rabbits, I think they are going up for sale soon, so we can concentrate on the Americans.

Americans are listed as the 3rd endangered rabbit on the Livestock Conservation List. One of the reasons they appealed to me was their place on the list. Also, the mandolin shape of the American is different than most of the rabbits found around here. I didn’t want something that everyone else has. I wanted to be able to raise meat, fur and help a breed that might otherwise die out.


They generally get large (about 12 lbs) and quickly. Cable, our buck, is 5 months old and is huge. There are only 2 show-able colors, Blue and White, but there is a black as well. I can’t wait for our first litter to see what we get. Cable is going to be shown next month, it will be our first show! I’m nervous and still learning, but thankfully, the breeder we got our pair from have been extremely helpful!


We are also searching for our farm name. We want it to be something that represents us, but doesn’t pigeonhole us into just one or two things. We have our rabbits, and soon will be adding a registered buck for the goats. This is harder than I thought!



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