On our way!

Oh my! We might actually be on our way to being a REAL homestead! I’m so excited, I could just dance all crazy and stuff. Like I do. 😉

We have our first registered Nigerian Dwarf buck coming in just about a month! He’s going to be our herd sire for our new project! Seriously, crazy dance excited.

I love my Zoe, she’s the first goat I bought with my own money, on my own. We used to raise goats before just for family use, but my first goats (registered Saanan) were given to me in a barter situation. I never had to buy another one!  She has a great personality!

While she isn’t registered, I’m okay with that. I plan on using her to bred mini alpines. I have Isabelle as well, who is another Alpine, also not registered. She was a free goat ( a rescue, basically) and I am working on clearing up a case of mastitis on her. That’s a whole other post! And, of course, we can’t forget about Charlotte. Poor Charlie, I think she was a runt. I mean, Pygmies are small, but I think she is small for even a pygmy. But, that’s okay. She’s one of the sweetest goats ever, even if she is an escape artist and won’t let anyone pet her.

Zoe trying to get me to play.

Zoe trying to get me to play.

Mini Alpines (or other mini breeds) are, obviously, smaller versions of a regular sized goat. Alpine does are bred with Nigerian Dwarf bucks to produce mini me’s of both stock. They bring the small size of the ND’s, the ability to produce multiple kids, and introduce the Nigerian’s fantastic milking genes. Add that to the Alpine’s milking abilities, their hardiness and great personalities and you have a great goat for a small family homestead. Plus, they are just so darn cute!

I am planning on getting a few Nigerian does and a registered Alpine (maybe a Nubian) as well. I’m willing to be diverse! 😉



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