Why do I do this?

I don’t expect to get rich “messing around” with my goats and rabbits. Hell, the best I could hope for is to break even. But, I’m not in this for the money.
Why do I have goats? Because I like them. Because I want to have fresh milk and maybe even some meat to put in the freezer. I want to be able to handle the animals without worrying about getting trampled if I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time. Do I know there’s not a market for goats, you ask? Do you know that there is? I know exactly how and where to sell my goats.
More and more people are looking for the same thing I am. Self reliance, the ability to grow your own food. To know what’s in something with out all the filler shit and hormones that for medical reasons I shouldn’t have anyway.
I don’t know about where you are, but here it’s hard to find goats for a reasonable price. There was a post today on a group I am part of. Someone asked if $50 was a good price for a baby goat. There were so many responses and they were all different. They ranged from no that’s too high to yes it’s cheap!
Here, I couldn’t find a goat, baby or otherwise, for that price.  Even then, I had to travel over an hour away for my goats. For registered stock, $50 won’t even get close.
Even for rabbits (some pedigreed, some not) that $50 is about what you will pay.
We go to the grocery store and every week the prices have gone up. I’m tired of paying someone else for things I can raise myself. Something that I know what it eats, it is raised right and treated humanely. Hell, they are treated as pets even if they will eventually get eaten or sold.
So why do I have these  animals? Well, for one, I live on a farm that was just sitting dormant. Nothing was being done with it. Second, because I like knowing what is in my food. I like these animals, I know these animals. And 3, because I damn well want too.
I don’t expect to make money doing this, I just want to provide my family with healthy food that we raise ourselves.  And if I happen to be able to provide yours with the same, then all the better.
Besides, how can you not want to look at these beautiful animals all day?


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