Trimming hooves

The other day, I noticed Zoe’s hooves were getting a little long. Just the back ones, so I checked the other girl’s feet. Isabelle seems to have super hooves as hers were in great shape. Charlie has short hooves that kind of look split a little bit.
So, we decided today was the day to trim. Except it’s about 10 degrees and the wind is blowing like crazy. I’m so glad Zoe is easy to handle.
My sister’s boyfriend helped me out…meaning I held the goat and he trimmed the hooves. Honestly, he could have done it himself but he was showing me how. In fact, I was holding the goat and paying so much attention I forgot to take pictures!
I did however find this video that shows you exactly how (this is off my phone so maybe the mobile version). Goats hooves are like human nails, if you get to close to the quick they bleed and hurt. I definitely don’t want that! So you have to identify the soft part of the hoof and cut off the hoof wall above that.
I feel so much better now that I know how much to cut off. And I bet Zoe feels better now that her nails were done!



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