Homestead binder

On a post a while back (a long while back!) I said I was going to start a binder. Well, I did start one. And hated it. It was really not worth the time to put it together for our family. We just aren’t organized enough to use one.

However, in the process of doing that, I also put together a farm binder. Now this, I love! I add things, I subtract things, I move things around. It’s come in handy for keeping track of ideas, articles of animals, all sorts of things.

It’s divided by subjects, goats, rabbits, gardening, chickens. I have a map from the deed office of the farm and our farm registration number. There are ideas for how to grow certain plants and herbs. In the rabbit section, I have breeding info that came from magazines and articles on how to build hutches.

We get so many magazines it’s hard to keep track of them sometimes. Once a week (ok, more like once a month), I gather them up and sit at the table with a cup of coffee to go through them and tear out articles that interest me. I then put them in page protectors in the right area of the binder.

I used to have a section for recipes, but I had so many of them I had to start a new binder! It’s not fancy and I don’t have pretty pages, but it works for me. Plus, I get to toss the magazines afterwards!

Do you have a binder, or another way to keep ideas organized?


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