New babies and springtime

It was a long day at work yesterday,  it I came home to a surprise! My cousin brought out 6 baby chicks and 6 ducklings. They are adorable!


Look at that, aren’t they cute?
But I didn’t have anywhere to put them! I am not set up for baby feathers.
So I took some time and partitioned some of the chicken coop off for the ducks since they are older than the chicks. I’m not sure the chickens were happy about that but they dealt with it.



Excuse the mess. We just got unfrozen so everything gets cleaned this weekend, I hope. 

The chicks are in the storage shed with their pretty little light.


Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can get a shed built for the ducks and the goat pen made bigger.

I think we finally hit spring, it’s 50 some degrees out today.
How’s the weather in your neighborhood? Have any plans for this weekend?


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