Cha cha cha changes

We’ve been going through some changes here on the farm with all the warm weather.

This week we had 4 new babies join the farm. Chaos had fat, sassy baby buns!

This makes me happy for two reasons, one we don’t have to get rid of her. This is the second time she has been bred, if she hadn’t had any babies, it was her last chance. I can’t afford to feed animals that don’t produce anything. The other reason I am so happy about them is, babies! I love babies. They all lived so far, so that is fantastic!

We get our buck next weekend. He will be 8 weeks old and ready to come home. I put my deposit down on him what feels like forever ago. I’ve been excited ever since.

We are having fantastic weather, in the 60’s and 70’s and it’s making me think gardening. However, we have been doing some cleaning up around the property. My dad thought that he should keep everything or that he could eventually fix everything. There is so much crap here on the farm, that it was starting to resemble a junk yard.
Luckily, my sister’s boyfriend owns a trailer and has helped us figure out what to take on each load (read: he has loaded a lot of shit!). We won’t get much for any of it, but at least it gets it off our land.

The baby ducks and chicks that my cousin brought out last week are growing well! It adds a few minutes to the chore time, especially since they seem to dump their water every. single. day. It’s okay though, they are cute. 🙂

There is so much to do this weekend. We are going to cut the trees up by the barn. The wind has managed to tear all the tin off (about 10 years ago) and we are trying to get it cleaned up and moved to use on a new barn building. Ours is so old, my grandpa built it when he bought the land, I think. Dad added on and used tin (he got it from work). Now some of it is laying on the ground and some is still attached to the barn. When it’s windy, you can hear the metal blowing around and making all sorts of noise. 

I have to clean the chicken coop, and I think it’s about time to clean the rabbit cages, as well. They need to be washed and sanitized. I have to add a fenced area for the goats so that I can rotate them out this summer and I have to move the thing (I have no idea what it’s called. It’s like a half circle metal something.) that I am going to use  for Bandit, our buck.

What are your plans for the weekend?


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