Spring has sprung

I think spring has arrived. I hope. It was in the 80’s last week and this week we have dropped to the 50’s with rain. So some of my outside projects are on hold until later this week.

It’s also spring break, which means no work for me and a little more time to spend doing things here. With the rain, I’m thinking I am going to make some soap this week and I hope to be able to get my fence done. Danny and I put up a fence to separate Zoe and Charlie from Isabelle, since she was running them so much they lost weight. So, now I am working on getting that put back on them.

I got some of my raised beds cleaned out. I found the garlic I planted last year has started to come up! We also did some decorating of some crap we found laying around.


One raised bed

My dad (mom too!) is a pack rat. The man keeps everything. So all around the farm there are piles, some small, some huge, of what I consider junk. We have old washers and dryers, tons of metal studs, stuff that should have been hauled away a long time ago. We have spent the last week getting rid of stuff (in between doing all the other farm stuff). It’s slowly getting cleaned up.

While we were going through a pile of metal, we found some items that we thought would work for planters or holders for planters, for my mom. We drug them out, wiped them down and spray painted them bright colors.


Now, I’ve been trying to lay out a garden area and figure out how to landscape (cheaply) a yard that used to be a horse field.

We are getting there. I don’t know where there is, but it’s within sight. It’s extremely hard to make the decisions that dad used to do. When he moved out, it felt like we lost the main farmer, and that’s honestly because we did. However, we have found that we learned more than we thought we did growing up. Some of it actually stuck somewhere back there in our brains. We know that we can call dad when we get stuck, but it’s so satisfying to be able to get it done ourselves.


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