I have been meaning to get around to writing this since Sunday. We have been so busy I keep forgetting. By the time I come in from outside, I’m sunburnt, hungry and exhausted. It’s a good tired, though. One that is from good old fashioned hard work.
Danny and I got a fence up (again). We should be getting good at this, but I also took down a fence and now have no shocking power to the rest of it. Sigh.
The goats pens are now all one. Isabelle has apparently decided she has terrorized Charlie and Zoe enough so she no longer chases them. 
We have a new addition.


This is Bandit. He is our registered Nigerian Dwarf buck. I am super happy with him, except he’s only 8 weeks old so he’s very not human attached yet. But, that’s really just an excuse to spend time in his pen. Cute, isn’t he?
I’m still getting the garden ready. In reality in just digging in the dirt until it’s time to plant. I bought some lavender, and a bunch of seed pod things and a strawberry plant for the munchkin. I can’t wait to get this stuff in the ground.
Right now though, I think it’s an early night for me. The rain is sounding good for a relaxing cuddle with the hubby night. 😉


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