Rabbit cage

Chaos and her babies were running out of room. Let’s face it 5 bunnies in a medium size cage just gets crowded sometimes.

We had this old, pos rabbit cage out here. We were looking at it to see how we could reuse some of the parts, and dad showed up. I told him my plans and surprisingly, he thought they sounded pretty good. When we moved the (large) cage over closer to the tools, it fell apart. Glad that we decided to take it apart already.


That thing that Danny is messing with is the top part of the old cage. It fell off when we got it to the “worksite”. He is taking hinges and locks off to reuse on the rebuilt cage.  The bottom was actually pretty sturdy. We had to replace one leg and some of the 2×4 on one side. The cage wire was still in good shape. One part had a hole in it, but we decided to cover that with plywood. It would make that area a little sturdier and give the rabbit a place to relax off the wire.


We built the frame for the top and added the plywood and reinforcement for the sides before raising it to the top.


Then, we flipped it over and screwed it all together. Next came the wire. I decided (mostly because it fit there and I wanted to NOT cut a ton of wire) to put the front wire in the middle and the doors on the ends. The wire on the back, I didn’t even bother to cut. We lined it up with the top of the cage and let it just be a little longer on the back at the bottom. We got to use the staple gun. Yay us! I love power (and air!) tools.



We got smart and laid the cage on its front in order to put the wire on the back. Sometimes, you gotta work smarter, not harder.

When we got it up and on its feet, we added the roof and lastly the doors. Now, up to this point there was minimal cussing and no injuries. Until I managed to hit myself in the head with the hammer. I’m not even sure how it happened, just that it did. No blood, not even a mark, but holy crap did it hurt!

Here it is all done.


And here it is in place and in use.


The babies and Chaos are hiding behind the door. They started investigating right after the picture. A couple of them discovered there is actually room to run now!

This gives me 2 free cages, Chaos’ old one and the one here on the right. The babies are 4 weeks old now, and we need to figure out what we have. This way when they are ready in a few weeks, we have the room to start splitting them up.

Next week Memory is due. That means eventually, more cages!

This cage cost me nothing. It was free. The original cage was one the neighbor gave me. It was originally ours for rabbits years ago. The wire, all the wood and screws, we already had. The hinges and locks came from the old cage we took apart.

We got sunburnt, spent some quality time with Dad and got a cage out of the deal. That’s a damn good day in my book.

Tomorrow, soap molds. What are you doing this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Rabbit cage

  1. Ha ha! I was stumped, so on impulse I asked my husband what in the world “pos” meant, thinking it might be a rabbitry term. He looked at me incredulously and told me the answer. Duh!

    • I didn’t even think of that! Sorry you had to ask your hubby, mine would have been like “umm Manda if I have to explain it.”

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