Encouraging words

We’ve been a little busy. Memory had 6 kits, but on the second night, she killed them all. Sometimes, rabbits do that. Some people say you aren’t supposed to touch the babies after she has them, but I have never had a problem with that. I give her a slice of apple and look through the nest to remove any dead babies and to count them.

I think I threw her all off when I put Bandit in the barn. Rabbits like routine, and if it’s changed too much before or soon after giving birth, it could cause them to kill the babies. So, I am pretty sure that’s what happened. I was really upset. I sat down and cried.

Being a farmer, whether it’s a small farmer or a big one, is not easy. There are good times, for sure. When everything is going well, all the animals are feeling good, that’s the fun part. But, when you are struggling and there isn’t a lot of money, or the animals are sick, or the crops die, that’s when you find out what you really want out of life. Do you really want to struggle and put your heart into it? The rewards are worth it in my opinion.

Yeah, it’s frustrating. This life can piss you off. But, when you see that baby animal born, or you sell out of all your veggies at the farmers market and people want more, those rewards are great. What makes it worth while, is knowing that through all the hard parts, you still came out on top. You made it through the tough times to the good.

So when “shit happens”, I know that it washes off. I can drag my happy ass out of the deepest part of it and get to the top. So can you!  🙂


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