Today was violate the bunnies day…..

We (by we, I mean the neighbor did the work, I just held the babies and learned) sexed Chaos’ babies today. Danny, Dee and I had tried once before when we weighed them all and wrote out descriptions. This was a back up and in case the sex change fairy had decided to visit. I am happy to say that we have 3 girls and one boy!

chaos babies 8 weeks old

Crappy photo, but it’s hard to hold them still and take a photo at the same time!


In order to sex them, you have to flip them over and expose the genitals. Girl rabbits look like tacos (slits), boy rabbits have a small tube that sticks out when you push on the vent area. This is a great read on how to do it.

JZ of course, got to choose a keeper out of the girls and for a pet. Well, all of them will be pets, since they can’t be shown, but, since Chaos is kind of his rabbit, he got to choose. The other babies (if I don’t decide to keep the fat one. She has some good potential.) will be sold,  if not sold, shipped to freezer camp.

I was looking around online, doing some research, and there is a new butcher that’s about an hour away from me. They just got approved for USDA resale. That means that I can take my animals there to be butchered and then sell the meat at places like farmers markets. Some people I have read of sell the rabbit alive and offer to butcher (on the farm) for free.

I need to start getting the butchering area set up. I also need some new knives and stuff. It sucks that I get to feed them and cuddle them and then have to butcher them too, but at least I know that they had a damn good life and were loved. They got out of the cage to be held and fed well. They weren’t grown in a tiny pen on a bullshit farm that didn’t give two craps about them.

Sorry, got a little excited there. Jz asked what I named the rabbits and I told him breakfast, lunch and dinner. The look on his face was kind of horrified. We got to explain to him, again (we had a wether get butchered last year) why we raise the animals and take care of them. We provide them with a great life and they provide us with food that is raised well and is good for us, if they don’t get sold first.

I think our Facebook page  is finally getting some attention. By that, I mean I am remembering to actually use it. Check it out, give it a like. I promise to try and do better at the posting. 🙂


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