Finally, soap!

I have been really wanting to make soap. Since I normally do hot process, it takes a bit of time. So, Wednesday, while it was raining I stepped out on the porch and made a quick batch of soap. I determined that I cook it too long. I mean, not to long for soap, but because I want a smoother, pourable soap, I cook it too long. But, that recipe was specifically for Danny, so it doesn’t really matter what it looks like. He will use it anyway. And, it smells soo good.

I’ve been thinking about making cold process soap. Mainly because I have all these pretty colors and it’s just so smooth. I’m impatient though, so I don’t like the thought of the 4 week curing time. However, if I do both, then that should take care of the impatience and the creativity. I’ll have something I can use right away while the other is curing. So, I went ahead and tried the cold process.

I’m confessing right now, I was so unorganized. It was kind of a last minute decision to get it done last night, and I had stuff spread all over. Plus, I was trying my first milk soap, and still trying to get the colors mixed and in containers that were big enough. :/

It was so worth it. Danny and I tried a funnel swirl. He decided that he didn’t like the way he couldn’t see all the colors, so he added a Taiwan swirl in the mold as well. We’ve been watching videos, can you tell? Now, I’m just waiting on the soap to get hard enough to cut. Did I mention that I’m impatient?
First cp soapcp soap

To do the funnel swirl, Danny held the funnel while I alternated the colored soap through it. It kind of runs over itself, making these pretty puddles of soap. You have to make sure that the soap isn’t real thin or it will just sink down into the layer below it. If that happens, just give it a little whirl with the stick blender, and it should thicken up.

The cut photos will be posted on the farm Facebook page, take a look!

Do you make soap? If so, what’s your favorite design?


4 thoughts on “Finally, soap!

    • Thank you so much! I am not a crafty person, so I don’t think it takes a lot of those skills. 😉
      I used olive oil, coconut oil and a few special ingredients. It’s still really soft, but it will harden while it cures.

      • That’s why I’m making my own soap. I know what’s going in it. The soaps from the store have so many detergents and things I can’t pronounce. This way, I make and sell my own blends and can choose (or the customers can) special scents.

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