Happy Mother’s Day. I know it’s a day late, but I make a policy to try not to do much on either momma’s day or my birthday and yesterday was both. šŸ™‚

I was given a bunch of soap stuff for my birthday. Looks like that is in the near future of things to do. Oh, darn, such a shame. I did get the other soap cut and it’s on shelves in the spare room. It smells so good in there.

My sister’s boyfriend keeps his cows out here, and they had a baby calf born yesterday. It is freaking adorable. He has more calves due this week, so he brought them closer to the house where we can keep an eye on them. He told me I am more than welcome to milk the ones that have been milked before, so I think I might try to make cheese….mmmm, cheese.

We have some unexpected guests. Dee was coming home the other day with mom and they saw some puppies on the road. As far as she knew, there’s no one here in the neighborhood that had puppies. We went for a walk and they were holed up in an abandoned lot. Three little girls with their ribs showing and scared to death. As an animal lover, I can’t just leave them there, there is no food and they had been roaming a neighbor’s goat field. They could have got shot or ran over, chances were good for either. So we brought them home.

We put posts on facebook, looking for owners, but I am certain they have been dumped. No one has even commented on the posts, and non of the neighbors have claimed them.

We think they are german shepard mixes, they are big puppies. Probably not even 4 months old, they haven’t lost their baby teeth yet. But, the size of their feet, goodness.

We will see, but if no one else claims them, we will take care of them. They are already acting like puppies again, rolling around, playing, instead of being scared and barking. Now they greet us at the fence when we go to see them. My good deed for the week is done. Ha! šŸ˜‰


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