Some days people just suck so bad.

The puppies we found, we took to the vet and found out they had parvo and they were very advanced. Luckily, we didn’t ever have them around the other dogs, but we never took the precautions we should have, such as changing clothes and such. So, now our dogs have been exposed. With Digger being a pup we got off craigslist, we were told he had all his shots, buttttt, once again, people suck and I just can’t be sure. We have up to 14 days before he breaks out with it if he has it. We got him a booster yesterday, but the it might not be enough. I’m so frustrated and  pissed off. That was the most emotional day I’ve had in a while, we had to put all 3 of them down. The vet said that was more than likely the reason they were dumped, because the previous owner knew and just threw them out. Now, I have to worry about my babies and all the cleaning we have to do, I’m worried that it won’t get clean enough. Stupid OCD and Paranoia. Argh, I hate people some days.

I do know that they didn’t suffer, and we did our best to make sure they were happy puppies. I feel like a horrible person, not being able to save them. And now a terrible pet parent because I exposed our dogs. My heart hurts. Sometimes, that’s the bad part of being an animal lover. I know the animals I raise are used to feed my family. The animals that other people see as pets, they become my family. My dogs and cats are like my kids. I don’t understand how someone could just throw them out. They could have had the decency to do what needed to be done.

I don’t know how to say what’s in my heart and mind. I am not the best writer, and I hate to talk about my feelings. I think I will just go work on some soap.


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