Digger has Parvo

Digger is sick. He’s in the vet office as I type. Night before last he got sick, and yesterday, we took him in. A 10 minute parvo test showed up positive in a minute and a half. I am so sick at heart. We caught it early since we were looking for it, but….no promises.

Aryal hasn’t shown any signs yet. She is my 15 year old lab. She’s had all her shots as a pup, but it’s been a while since her last booster. The last vet I saw said it wasn’t really a problem to not give them to her, so we didn’t because of her age. Now, of course, I am kicking myself in the ass.

So, while we wait for Dig to come home, we get to clean. All the places the pups were are being/have been bleached. We are burning the areas, the tarps, all the dishes, etc tonight and going to bleach them again. The house has gotten a quick once over, but tonight or tomorrow, we are going to deep clean our room. It has to be swept, cleaned up and then bleach applied to everything. His kennel has been bleached, his blankets thrown out.
Even when (if) he gets to come home, he has to be isolated for 2 weeks. That means he will be in the basement of the old house all by himself. We have to pick up his poop and bleach the area after every bathroom event.

Parvo isn’t anything to mess with. It’s disgusting and can live a long time in the soil. It’s highly contagious, and can be transferred from clothes, shoes, hands, pretty much anything. According to my vet, it is spread from dog to dog, though other mammals have different strains.

Please don’t make my mistake and have your animals pay for it. Make sure they have their shots. They deserve it.


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