Update from the vet and a little around the farm

Well, Digger is holding his own! The vet said this morning that he hasn’t ate, but he is peeing and the poop he’s having is semi solid. I seriously feel blessed that we caught it sooner than most people would. I’m still upset that he has it to begin with, and he’s not out of the woods yet, but he’s hanging in. I am going to ask tomorrow if I can see him, just to let him know I didn’t abandon him. My poor baby.

As of this morning, Aryal is still not showing any signs of parvo. In fact, she is bouncing around like she’s a younger dog. Goofy girl. The vet told me that after a week of the time I brought Digger in (that was Monday) if she isn’t showing signs, she should be okay and not get it. It has been raining so much (2″ this morning and a total of 6″ for the month of May) that while we got some of the yard burned, it’s not getting down in there to burn the bottom of the hay. And we still have to do the dog yards, and get them bleached. I’m looking for a sprayer that I can just add the bleach and water to and go to town that way. I don’t know how else to do it. If you know of a brand or way to get that spread, can you let me know?

In other farm news:

We added the “baby” chicks to the adult chicks coop. I just threw them in there, and let them eat together while we watched for any fighting. They are fine. They are following the older girls (all my cickens are buff Orphingtons, except one. She’s a Rhode Island Red) around while they free range and are already going to the coop at feeding time. It’s only been 3 days, so they learn quick. I think I need a bigger coop.

I also do have 2 roosters. One of them is already destined for the cook pot, the s.o.b. He’s just maybe 3 months old and already trying to attack when we get close. Not cool, shorty. I have no problems eating you for dinner.

I am thinkig of selling most of the rabbits (or eating them!) and only keeping the Americans. I’m thinking of keeping Chaos for a pet, since she has really calmed down and enjoys the pets. I’m trying to narrow down the focus of the rabbitry and get that all straightened out.

Bandit is running with the girls (I forgot whether I said anything about that). He got out of his pen one day, and I decided to see how they would do together. It keeps him from getting lonely and gives me some time to get the buck pen built. He really likes Charley. Probably cause she looks like his momma. Pygmy goats (like Nigerians) are able to breed year round, they don’t have a certain breeding period like most goats. While I’m not counting on her getting bred (Bandit is only 4 months old), I really wouldn’t mind. So, we are watching to see what happens.

Zoe and Izabell just kind of ignore him most of the time. At least they are not trying to kick his ass anymore. Poor thing. 🙂

They are all running in the pasture up by the house right now. I’m thinking I might have to throw a cow in there to eat down what they haven’t ate! These are the only picky goats I have ever had. We do feed them a good quality hay in addition to the pasture they get. We were feeding them some sweet feed during the winter, but dad talked me into stopping for the spring. They are looking kind of skinny right now, so I’m thinking of feeding the girls something to boost their body condition. They have been eating the minerals in the tub that I got them, it’s about time for a new one.

If you raise goats, what do you feed them to maintain body condition?


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