The garden that is now a lake

Ok, not really. I mean, yes we have received about 6″ (for real) of rain this month. I, however, am lazy. So luckily I planted in raised beds this year instead of the ground. That really just means that my food isn’t running to the creek (and somewhere down the line to the ocean) and trying to escape.

I have zuchinni that is already starting to grow and has more blossoms growing. I over did the tub they are in and have about 10 plants growing in something that isn’t even large enough for me to stretch out in. To be fair though, I am tall with loooonnng legs (6’0), so it’s not easy to find something that will hold all my gangliness.

We’ve had asparagus this year coming up, but not all at the same time. So I get a few here and there, but I not really enough to make turning the oven on worth it. Good thing I like it raw, too.

The tomatoes are starting to get blossoms and some even have fruit. Yummmm, I can’t wait for those. My cucumbers on the other hand aren’t doing so hot. That makes me sad.

The beans were planted last weekend, so they are really just getting started, but I hope they hurry up.

Next year, I have to figure out the easiest way to get a greenhouse set up. I want my veggies earlier. I tend to eat more good for me stuff when I grow it myself.

If it doesn’t stop raining I may have to figure out how to cover the plants now!

“How does your garden grow”? Are you getting any of this rain?


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