Digger update

So, we brought Digger home yesterday. Danny met me at the vet’s office to pick him up. They brought him out the back door and around to wear we parked. As soon as he heard us say his name, he was crying and yanking the vet tech off her feet to get to us. He actually stood on his hind feet to hug me. Danny and I both cried a little. It absolutely amazes me how much I love this dog.

Originally, we got him for my nephew. He was to be his dog when we moved to the farm and the munchkin was going to help us feed him and play with him and all that. Well, for the first year or so, he was living with us in town (we moved to the farm later than planned) and he was just our nephew’s dog. Then, of course, he was a pain in the ass, since he was young and in to everything. With his breed of dog, he had more energy than what we were ready for, and he’s totally a spaz on top of it.

But, he grows on you. Like a 10 pound sledge hammer, but he grows on you. You come to rely on his energy and him chasing his tail, a moth or the cats. He likes to dance with me. Hops right up on his back feet and wraps his front legs around my waist. He doesn’t care if there’s music, he just likes to be held.

Try to take a nap, and if you cover yourself up, he whines a little. If you cover your head, he paws at the blanket or lays on top of it until you show him you’re okay. Constantly.

This dog is as loyal as the day is long. He doesn’t really listen worth a shit, and he drives me insane, but I don’t know what I would do without him.

So, I am happy to report that within 12 hours of getting him home, he had eaten half his can of dog food that was prescribed for him. It took that whole 12 hours and me hand feeding him some of it, but he did it. He even kept it down.

Today he has eaten a can and a half of the bland diet canned food. It stinks and probably tastes as bad as it smells, but he eats it. No coaxing or hand holding required. He took his medicine wrapped in a piece of cheese, and has drank water. We are waiting on him to poop.

He went once after we got him home, it was really soft and dark. Nothing since then though. If he hasn’ gone by tomorrow afternoon, I plan on calling the vet.

His energy level is raising. He acts like himself now, while still being a little tired. Normal, I guess. He’s still recovering.

The doctor gave him some meds he has to take half a pill of every day until they are gone. His food is restricted to half a can of that smelly crap 4-5 times a day. I think I am going to ask if I can offer his regular food, just a litle to see how he does. He also has to sleep in the shop downstairs. The only way to get in is to go outside and around to one of the downstairs doors. He can hear us since we are right above him, but he can’t get to us. He knows the routine though and can tell what is going on, so I’m thinking that helps. For 2 weeks he has to be down there, while he continues to improve. He is still contagious for that time.

Since he has come home, I am so tired*. I didn’t sleep or really eat worth a darn while he was away. Stress and worry and maybe a little ocd in there too. I slept like a log last night and I am guessing he did too, since we didn’t hear anything out of him. He has his kennel down there to go into (it’s been disinfected) but no bedding. I am waiting out the 2 weeks, and plan on getting him  big comfy bed (don’t think Aryal is being left out, she’s getting a new one too!) plus, I promised him some toys. Our agreement was if he got better, he could have all the toys he wanted, and Aunt Dee was a witness. 🙂

So, I am off to bed. Tomorrow, I will post the “homecoming” video plus, tell you about our new additions!

*I blame any mistakes in this post on lack of sleep, and brain shut down!


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