Calves and Chicks

We have some new additions. I’m sure I’ve said that my sister’s boyfriend keeps his cows out here. They are starting to drop calves! There was one born a couple of weeks ago, and one 2 days ago. We still have 3 more cows to calve.

In exchange for letting him keep his cows here, Dee and I were given his Jersey cow. She is bred for September, but he is keeping this calf. He is going to rebreed her for us next year and we get all future calves, plus when this one is born, we are sharing the milk with it.

He has a holstien that just had a little heifer and she produces so much milk that the baby gets her share and there is still about 3 gallons to get milked out. Butter and ice cream and cottage cheese…..yum!



My mom and my cousin (same cousin who brought the damn ducks out) Tony went and got me some more baby chicks. I sent them with instructions that I wanted some Ameraucanas. They brought me 10 pullets of them and 2 barred rock pullet babies. The ameraucanas are a little older than the other 2, but they are working fine together. Although, I managed to lose an Ameraucana. It escaped into the storage room they are in and there is no way to sift through that crap to find it. Hopefully, it comes back.


Crappy photo, but it’s what I got. 🙂 

Ameraucana’s lay blue colored eggs, and have these kind of like ear muffs (that’s what the hatchery calls them) that makes it look like the ear feathers are sticking out.  I chose these birds because, like the Buff Orphingtons, they are docile and make good pets.

I had to look up the barred rocks. They are a good meat and egg cross chickens. Apparently, they are also a tame bird, so that’s a bonus.

I now have a total of 21 (if that one comes back 22) chickens with 2 being buff roosters. No wonder they call it chicken math…these things are addicting!


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