Canning Milk

Canning milk at home isn’t recognized by the USDA as a good thing. However, if you have grandparents that used to can, you might have either canned with them or heard the stories. IF you decide to can milk, please get advice from an expert. Or don’t do it. My mother seems to think we are expendable. 😉 J/k, in all seriousness though, I’m not responsible if you decide to do this.

Apparently, mom and her mom and my neighbor have all canned milk. So, that is what mom is having me do today. I myself am not convinced it’s worth it, but sometimes you pick your battles.

I bought a pressure canner last year and this is the first time it’s been out of it’s box. We took it on a “dry run” so I could learn what the hell I am doing. Sheila came over to teach me and I think we’ve got it figured out. I feel accomplished. Ha!

Those things are kind of creepy. I know that you can’t leave it once the pressure starts building and you have to constantly adjust the heat. Once I get used to it, I should be fine, but still….all that pressure and stuff. Having a healthy respect for things like that is a good thing, I think.

So anyway, back to the milk.

Shiela has an old canning book from her mom (this thing is ancient) and that’s where my mom got the idea, I think. So I looked it up online and got some guidelines. We are canning it at 10 lbs of pressure for 25 minutes. Trying things neverhurts, so I am willing to try it.

I will update you on how it goes, but I’m thinking mom is going to be the guinea pig.  🙂


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