Digger update

I just wanted to put up an update about Digger Dog. It’s been almost 2 weeks since we brought Digger home from the vet after his fight with Parvo. The first couple of days, he didn’t eat much, but holy moly, that dog is back to scarfing his food down. All of it, a lot of it!

I know that Parvo is nothing to mess with, it’s a nasty, nasty virus for dogs. I am so happy that my boy made it through. He’s pretty much back to his old self. He still can’t come to our room though, because at least until Friday, he might still be contagious, and although Aryal didn’t get it before and her shots seem to be holding up, I’m not taking any chances with her!

I promised Digger that if he made it through, he could have all the toys he wanted, so I’m gonna have to go shopping for those and a new bed for both dogs. Plus new bowls, leashes and collars. Spoiled babies. 🙂

I am hoping that since he has been in the basement for this long, no being in his kennel, we won’t have to put him in it anymore. He had to be locked up when we left because he just has so much energy, he chases the cats all over. Here’s to hoping!

I’m super stoked to have him back in here though. More cuddles for me!

New pics coming soon, I have to be able to use both hands to walk him!


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