Chicken eaters

Somethings just seem to get away from me…like time. I didn’t realize it had been that long since I wrote anything!  We have so much going on it’s so crazy.

We had a baby calf a week ago that was so huge it was as big as some of our one month old calves! The momma is up and moving around, but the baby, Harley, is still having issues. We bottle feed her every day, and also sneak in some water when he is looking kinda sad. She’s lonely. We aren’t sure what is wrong with her, and why she can’t stand up, but she sure is trying so very hard. That calf has sure made herself at home. 🙂

We’ve had something decide that our chicks in our chicken tractor look tasty. I am assuming it’s a raccoon, as it’s not eating them, just removing the heads. We lost 7 total, plus two of my older chickens. Red and Sassy. I’m not totally convinced Red was a result of the sneaky ass, but she was dead this afternoon when I went to do chores. I locked them all up, and let them out this morning, I don’t know how she got into the locked portion of the cage. It’s so frustrating. When we locked them up last night, it apparently decided duck was on the menu.

We lost one ofour Americans last week. I tell you, I am about fed up with this crap. It gets so old, and it’s tiring to constantly be on the look out for something we have never had a problem with before.

Digger is back to his good old crazy self. He’s loving the fact that he’s pretty spoiled right now. 🙂 Silly dog.

I’ve made quite a bit of soap, but I’m going to have to post that another day. I have to finish the post for the canning first! Soon, I will get it up this week. Maybe while mom is at one of her appointments.


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