Some goings on

My sister’s boyfriend had to put a cow down last week. The Holstein that we were milking. I’m not even sure what was wrong with her, she just laid down and wouldn’t get back up.
My sisters boyfriend dug a hole to bury her. Like, hand dug it.  That’s moving a lot of earth.
I’m thinking that Zoe is pregnant. She’s starting to develop a little udder. As far as I’m aware that’s how goats do. 🙂 hopefully anyway.
Pan has more or less became a house bunny. He just can’t keep himself cool, even with the ear misting and frozen bottles. Not sure that Danny is too happy about it, but I told him it could be baby goats and he said true.
Not much has gone on though, doing hay, picking some black berries. That’s about it, its too hot to do much outside.
What are you up too?


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