Goat updates

There is so much stuff that we have to buy for the farm. I’m not sure how people afford it!

I need fencing. That’s obviously a huge expense, and it’s also needed asap. I don’t want to put it on the credit card, but I might have to. I need to be able to separate the goats and still be able to easily access them. Plus, I need quarantine areas for if someone gets sick (or we bring new ones in)kidding areas, etc. Yikes. That’s just for the goats.

We have electric fence now. It was working great until the little ones got furry and figured out they can run right under it. Zoe just jumps the damn thing now. So, I know that I need new stuff, just have to figure out how to afford it.


Annie Oakley

This is Beards and Tales Annie Oakley. She’s a registered Nigerian dwarf, who is (hopefully) bred.



This is Ladybug. She’s not registered, but that’s okay! Her colors are awesome. And she’s a sweetheart, like Annie. Ladybug came with a buck (also unregistered) and I am fairly certain she’s pregnant….look at that belly! 🙂
So, I’m gonna have babies soon. Which means getting a kidding place up.

We have the goat barn, which is about 10×20. It’s pretty decent. I’d like to partition off an area in there for the kidding area. At least until I can get another barn built. Which won’t be in winter. 🙂

I also have get together a first aid kit. But that post is for a different day.


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