Winter is coming

So, I was sitting here on my day off, catching up on all the Game of Thrones that I’ve missed (I’ve read all the books, so really I just watch for Kit Harington), and thinking I have so much to do.

I went to feed the goats some hay the other day and figured out where the chickens are laying the eggs. There was a nice little nest with 9 eggs in it! But then Donna tells me today that she found a huge nest with eggs in it by the woodpile. Going to have to grab those in the morning.

Winter has finally decided to come to Kansas. We are expected to get ice tonight and snow tomorrow. Yay…..can you hear the sarcasm?

I don’t know how I am not prepared. It’s not like winter comes every year or anything. Right? I have to figure out fence still! I work about 9 days in a row, soooo yep. That’ll be easy.


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