“Yay. I’m a llama again!”

I’ve been working on my soap lately since I completely sold out for Christmas. Well, except for the couple I held back for us and the stuff I am taking to the women’s domestic violence shelter. I made 2 loaves of Japanese cherry blossom using new molds that I got for Christmas. They both turned out really pretty! And it’s nice to have such an awesome recipe, as well. All that lovely lather.


We have a couple of new additions to the farm. More like four of them! I now have 2 pygmy goats, a 33 year old horse, and a llama. What am I going to do with them you ask? Weeelll, I’m kind of asking myself the same thing!


I also picked up a roll of fencing. Maybe, if it ever warms up, I can get that put up. We got a snow and ice storm this week, so it makes it a little hard to walk around outside!

I hope you had a great Christmas day with your family! We did 2 different sides of the family on Christmas day. That’s enough to wear me out, and I really didn’t do anything!

I’ve got a few library books to read, and I’m working on a post about goat feeding. I also need to look up stuff on llamas.

Off to research, but one more thing…I’m back on facebook. We had an issue with a few things, but got it straightened out and started a whole new page. Not much on it right now, but it will get there! Ypu can find us Here.



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