Spring fever

I really don’t have a problem with winter…Mother Nature, however…. I want my warm weather back. It’s cold and rainy and just, blech.

I’m ready to plant my garden! I love seeing all those tiny little seeds grow into something that will sustain my family. And taste really good, too!

So, today, since I have some extra time on my hands, this is what I’m doing.


It’s a little hard to read. It’s the beginning of my garden list. There’s tomatoes and peppers, zucchini and of course, peas.

I can taste it now. Fresh produce, grown right here. Yum!

I also have a plan for drawing more wildlife. Mom and I put some bird feeders up a couple of weeks ago, and we have way more birds than we did! I want to bring in some bird houses, and some plants that will draw songbirds, butterflies and hummingbirds up around the house.

Since mom is in a wheelchair, we like to put things closer to the windows so she can see and enjoy them too.

Are you getting ready for spring planting? What’s going in your garden?


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