Chicken lovers unite!

I’ve been down with migraines for about 3 weeks now. They are killing me. Just when I think it’s gone, it comes back even worse than it was before. I’m feeling like I can’t win.

The snow has melted and we’ve had some pretty decent weather for February. The ducks are loving the wet weather we’ve had.


Man are they noisy, though. I went to let them out (check out the video on our Facebook page) and it sounded like they were cussing me up a storm.

The chickens are laying somewhere other than the coop. Damn chickens. I have no idea where they go. I’ve tried following them, but no one can say chickens are dumb! They look at me like I’m crazy, and I know I’ve heard Wattles tell them I am losing my mind.


She’s the boss, you see. She’s a little older than the other girls, so she’s queen bee around here. Or at least tries. 🙂

You can tell who has the higher pecking order around here. Roo is higher than Bub. They came from the same hatch, but Bub was a little shy. Roo was attacking us from the get go, even though he’s stopped that now. He’d be dinner if he hadn’t. Bub, on the other hand slept with the cows in the pasture and hardly ever came down. I worried about him for a while, since he became a favorite. He actually slept with the bull at night though, so that took some of the worry off.

So Roo is the main guy and Wattles is my girl.

Most of the time, being low man on the totem pole means that Bub can’t mate with the girls. I don’t know if my chickens are just weird or if Bub catches them when Roo is otherwise occupied, but he gets some every once in a while. 😉

I love my chickens. They give me plenty of reasons to hang around outside. I sometimes feel like the pied piper as I walk from the feed storage area to the coop!

Do you have chickens?  If so, do you have a dominate rooster? What is your favorite part of owning chickens?


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