Little Ladybug’s baby

I had an MRI yesterday for the migraines. I hate those machines. I’m not to fond of confined spaces at all, so the Dr gave me some anxiety pills to help me out. I’m infinitely grateful for that.

I’ve been watching over our Nigerian Dwarf Ladybug for a couple of weeks now. I knew she was getting closer to having her baby, but not knowing when she was bred makes it really hard to figure out when she’s supposed to be due! I knew it would be sometime this week when I noticed the baby had dropped on Monday. Yesterday, she lost her plug about 6 and I checked on her every hour up until about 9, when I told Danny, “one more time, right before bed. I know she is close.” I had heard her kind of yelling a little when I let the dogs out, so I knew she was busy, but when we went up (about 20 minutes later) the baby still wasn’t out, only the feet and nose. We watched for a bit, but when it was clear she was pushing but the baby wasn’t moving, I had Danny help me pull a little to help her out. He ran and got a towel and we now have a beautiful little baby….boy.


Ladybug’s baby

It’s been a long time since I have been around to see a baby born, and I am so very glad that we were there last night. I’m not so sure Danny was as impressed as I was. 🙂

I love his coloring. I’ve been wanting a tricolor goat. I am slightly disappointed it’s a boy, but it seems to be going that way for a few breeders I know.

He certainly is adorable.

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