Dad and Dee cut the tree down next to the house this weekend. It was growing into the roofline, so it had to go. The kids and I pulled all the branches over to the side, and more or less out of the way.

We did find a good use for them. We threw them over the fence for the goats.


It didn’t take them long to start stripping them of the bark.


It keeps them occupied, and they like the browse better than grass anyway.

The kids found the eggs the chickens started laying. The americaunas lay the green eggs and that kind of stumped them for a few minutes. They had all kinds of questions I now have to look up the answers to. I’m glad though, they use their brains and force me to use mine, too. And we usually write down the questions we don’t have answers for (or if Danny is at work we can ask him later)so we can find them and explain when we get them again. And, everyone learns something. 🙂


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