TP, chicks and Zoe

So far, not a single person has given a name suggestion for the baby. Other than my family, which is cool. We have a lot to choose from there! I can’t keep calling it Ladybug’s baby. I mean, I guess I could, but that’s not a cool name at all. I have to confess, I really don’t know how to do contests and such anyway, so maybe it’s a good thing.

I’m laying here in mom’s spare room and I randomly thought that we go through a ton of toilet paper.

The baby chicks have moved to a small pen in the coop. They seem to be doing well and the other chickens are ignoring them. Pretty much par for the course around here when we introduce new ones. I have no idea really what type of chickens they are this time. I got them from Tractor Supply and they just had them labeled as various pullets. Not very helpful, but I’ve had fun trying to guess.

We are starting to get enough eggs that we have actually sold 2 cartons of them. Yay us! I haven’t actually fed the chickens any feed in a long while. We just let them free range. They are doing really well that way. The shells of the eggs are pretty strong. I won’t be adding any calcium any time soon!

I took a walk along where the garlic and asparagus were planted last year, and the garlic is coming up really well. Still no sign of the asparagus, though. I’m thinking of planting some up closer to the house so that the animals won’t be able to get to them. Since, last year they were planted where the goats are now!

I’ve got Zoe up for sale. I absolutely love that goat, but I’m going in a totally different direction than I was when I bought her. She deserves a place where she can be put to use the way she needs to be. Right now, she is just getting over looked.

Annie should be getting ready to have her baby(ies) soon. She’s pretty big, so there might be more than one in there. I’m hoping, anyway. And that they are girls.

I finished the boys pen today, so tomorrow morning, Danny and I can move the boys. That’s exciting! Seriously, it’s a sad day when that’s the high point. 😉


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