It’s been a bucky year

Skippy the llama had to be put down. He was pretty sick, and apparently there was no one that knew what was going on with him. My regular vet has a llama guy, but he was on vacation. So, that did me a lot of good. We did everything the vet said, but by the time the regular vet was back, he was just too sick and couldn’t get up anymore.

The one thing I hate about living on the farm and having animals. I know that death is a part of life….blah, blah, blah. But, it still stinks.  I’m very thankful that the kids take it all in stride, though. I think it makes it a little easier that they don’t actually live here and don’t get as attached to the animals as they could if they did.

We are in the process of selling some of the herd. Mostly the boys. Cal went and got disbudded last week. I felt so bad for the little guy. He peed all over the vet tech. 🙂

Dill is old enough to be weaned, and I am getting ready to get him banded. He is very bucky, and he’s too little to stay in with the bucks right now, since he can go through the fence…the little shit. 

We went and bought Indy (a registered doe) with the money I got from selling Zoe, and her little buck. I’m disappointed I didn’t get her daughter as well, but the price was just a little too steep for her as a baby from an unproven buck, even if he was from some of the lines I really, really (really, really) want to bring in. The buckling, which we named Sandman, is gorgeous! I’m thinking of keeping him and seeing how he grows. He isn’t registered, which almost made me cry, but not all of my girls are either. Might make for a good backup buck, or maybe we will wether him and keep him as a pet.

Indy is obviously in milk (Sandman was born 2/21) but she is very skittish on the milking stand. She is getting better, though, even if we don’t milk her. We touch her all over and let her get used to us. She is doing well.

Scrappy will probably go up for sale. He is a great buck, and is Cal’s daddy. He is probably the friendliest buck I have ever had. He loves kisses and will lean all over you, even in rut. He has never been mean. He just turned a year old and I really hate to get rid of him, but I have to make some decisions and I really want to bring in some more does.

I have a buyer for Ladybug and Cal. She is such a pretty girl, but she just doesn’t fit the breeding profile I want to have. As a first freshener, she barely has enough milk for Cal, which would probably change with each new baby, but right now, I just don’t have the room for her. She is going to an awesome home, though, and they will give her the attention that she should be getting. I am so very happy for her!

We put up fence out by the road the other day. The horse keeps getting out, I think she is lonely, but she won’t go in with the calves, either. So, we put up fence, which we were going to do anyway, this just sped it up. Next is the fence between the goats and the dry lot. We have to replace that one so the goats stop getting out. From there, they can get into the alfalfa field. Charlie ate so much the other day and was so bloated she looked pregnant again! One of these days, I will put up a post on how we do the fence.

I need a logo. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I just haven’t done anything about it yet…..What do you think? Do you know someone who does logos?


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