Garden Prep

It has been so nice outside lately. We’ve been working in the yard. I have the beginnings of my garden started. There’s about 4 raised beds out there right now, (the already made kind, you just put them in the ground) and more to come. I fenced off the area where we put it with that green garden fence from Home Depot.

Then, I made 3 more beds to put out there. They are just 2x4s screwed together, so nothing fancy, but it’s an accomplishment for myself!

I am still waiting on Annie to have her baby(ies). Holy crap that goat is taking forever, and I feel like she’s decided that she doesn’t want to share with me. That makes me sad. 😦

The little chicks finally went to the big coop in a cage. The bigger chickens really don’t care. They’ve been there for maybe 3 weeks now.

Not totally sure how long they’ve been in the coop, I just know that we started letting them free range with the big girls lately. They seem to enjoy being outside, even if everything is 3 times bigger than them. They follow me around while I am outside, and as long as you don’t pick them up, they don’t mind being petted.

I’m looking for ways to make money here. Danny has a good job, and he likes it, but there is one person there who is stressing him out so much it is effecting everything else. It’snot just him that this person makes miserable either. They bully all the employees. As a team lead, it’s Danny’s job to try and run interference, but it’s really weighing on him, especially as it seems the company won’t do anything about this person. I hate seeing him so run down and that he is starting to hate going to work. I need to take some of the stress off of him, somehow.

But, until then, today I am infusing oil with Arnica and Calendula so that I can make a home remedy for stuffy noses. It’s either sinuses or allergies, but whatever it is, it’s gotta go. I have too much to do!

What are you up to?


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