How we built our Milking Stand

We separated Dill and Sandman last week, from the girls. They were separated before, but I thought they were a little young, so I put them back together.

Holy shit, it’s gone from once in a while they talk, to crying their poor little eyes out. They are noisy.

The bonus to this is, aside from not having to worry about an accidental pregnancy, I can start milking.

Now, when I say bonus, I actually mean that, but only after the fight of getting the girls to give up the milk. Annie is only a problem if she thinks we are taking too much. Indy wasn’t milked before Danny and I bought her. We tried a couple of times and gave up. Charlie has never been milked and barely tolerates being touched. She is one of the wilder goats. I was expecting a giant mess.

So, with all that in mind, Danny and I started to build the milking stand. It had to be short, obviously. I had to be able to use it for all the Nigerians. I wasn’t to worried about the larger goats, as none of them are milking, I have a little time to build another one.

milking stand

milking stand

We finished it in one day, using parts from an old milking stand we had laying around and some new boards for the base.  We made it 4’x2′ but if I had to do it again, I would make it shorter and narrower. We used Annie for the test subject, the poor girl. She helped us measure out where the head boards should go. Which kind of sucks for Charlie since she is taller than the other two.

We got it done and our first milking was kind of a success. We milked Annie first, she wasn’t impressed at all. She wiggled around a lot and that was when we knew it was too big.

Indy, since we hadn’t milked her much, we had to hold her back legs. I have to get a hobble, or some such thing. My hands were having issues, so dad helped out milking. His job was hampered by his new friend.


Charlie was the easiest to milk. I was so surprised, we got over a cup of milk from her before she decided she was done and tried to sit on me.


All in all, I think this will work for a bit. I’m hoping it will make hoof trimming, shaving and vaccinations easier as well.

milking stand

milking stand

There is a loose mineral holder on the front to hold the food while we milk. Now to just get a gate across there so we aren’t fighting all the goats, just the one on the stand!


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